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released January 4, 2015

The Serpent was recorded by Aaron Baer in his attic, all other tracks were recorded by Kyle in his bedroom.



all rights reserved


Kyle John Kenowski Wisconsin

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Track Name: The Serpent
Apple tree, blooming as you cut it down it screams.
Such beauty, and halfway through the tree appears to bleed.

And when the tree comes tumbling down you'll notice,
That those inside deserved to live, you know this.

Flock of sheep, guarded by the shepherd with his life.
Big bad wolf, arrives and shows the shepherd all his might.

And when you see the wolf I'm sure you'll follow,
But when your flock is gone you will find sorrow.

Paradise, but through the garden there slithers a snake.
All is lost, when God's children in temptation partake.

And when you hear the serpent you'll devour.
And is your apple sweet or is it sour?

Rain falls down upon a pool of blood.
A river flows into a lake of mud.
Track Name: Rain City
Struggle every day to stave off stasis,
Your friends are cruel and your neighbor's racist.

Pounding circles deep in the grain,
Blisters sprouted yesterday.

What do I know?

What do I know?

Gerrymandered grocery isles,
You've got to stop hurting yourself Kyle.

It must be one of those days.
I hope it's just one of those days.
Track Name: Idle Worship
Oh, I wait for nothing, I wait for nothing, and I am alone.

Oh, I burn my bridges, hitch up my britches, oh which is the right way back?

And the post card arrives.

Illegible lines.

Oh, I build up rubble, I rub my stubble, these statues still crumble.